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  • Gianni
    7 Buttons LED USB Wired Gaming Mouse
    Mouse di dimensioni superiori per una migliore ergonomia. L’uso è molto comodo soprattutto per utilizzi prolungati oltre ai normali pulsanti (left click, right click e rotellina) è dotato di altri due pulsanti laterali in prossimità del pollice (pag avanti e pag indietro del browser già programmati) ed ulteriore pulsante vicino al left click (equivale a doppio click in qualsiasi applicazione). Il mouse è plug&play, quindi non necessità di driver per l’installazione (provato su windows 7). L’unica pecca è l’impossibilità di programmare i pulsanti per le proprie esigenze. Io ho ovviato con l’installazione di software free che permette la personalizzazione di due dei tre pulsanti extra. E’ dotato di un pulsante per cambiare rapidamente i DPI (da 1000 fino a 3200) posizionato dietro la rotellina, quindi è quasi impossibile premerlo involontariamente. Per il mio utilizzo (ufficio e grafica) è settato a 1200 dpi, molto rapido e preciso; probabilmente DPI superiori sono ideali per Gaming, che con la presenza dei pulsanti extra è l’ideale soprattutto se affiancato ad un software che ne permette la personalizzazione. Esteticamente molto carino con grafica accattivante e illuminato con luci led interne.
    nessun CONTRO

    Oct 13,2016

  • Steel Rooster
    7 Button USB Wired Gaming Mouse
    I ordered this and got it within a few weeks; I was very impressed by the shipping time. The price was excellent, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ergonomics, multi-button feature, and aesthetics. The mouse automatically detected and installed on my computer (running windows 7). The mouse is really light and quite comfortable for people with medium sized hands. I will definitely buy from this site again!

    Jul 20,2016

  • Sashitha Imalka
    A874 7 Buttons LED USB Wired Gaming Mouse
    I relay wanted to buy this product and I bought it few weeks ago..It came with within 3 weeks and product was as described.I really happy with the product and I works fine and it's looking good.It build with high quality materials and works well.

    Jun 25,2018

  • Mark
    Gaming Mouse on a Strict Budget
    - CHEAP. Cost me $5
    - LEDs are vibrant and bright, yet not intrusive
    - Braided cables seem durable, only time will tell
    - 2 buttons can be reprogrammed by "X-Mouse Button Control" (
    - Very ergonomic, specifically at this price-point
    - Feels pretty lightweight, which makes it feel almost cheap (more of a personal thing)
    - LEDs aren't always in sync, I don't rally like it, but some people might
    - It has a visible laser, the invisible ones are easier on the eyes for me
    - Isn't made of solid gold

    Jun 13,2016

  • dante919
    7 Buttons LED USB Wired Gaming Mouse from GearBest
    great mouse! is very comfortable in my large hand. all the buttons work, pressing soft and clear. the mouse is covered with a rubberized material. the wire is flexible and covered with a fabric braid, a long cord sufficient. LED backlight does not turn off. good build quality! low price! great store! recommend!

    Jun 01,2016

  • Brandon
    Great Buy!
    1- Really nice quality its built it, for the price i payed i thought it would be cheap material used, but its made really nice, smooth, and works just great

    2- Sounds perfrect, its sounds exactly as any other gaming mouse

    3- Feels soo good when using it, its not made like other normal boring mouses, this mouse is made for comfort, your hand never wants to get off the mouse
    1- Wire should be just abit longer, to reach computer.

    Dec 15,2015

  • Somi
    Good quality product for Gaming
    I bought this mouse and it delivered very safely, it's a beast one where you can see the lights and colours are so so amazing nice product very highly appreciated.
    This product is value for money and I was planning to buy this one in India but the price was showing more but at gear best,t I have found in very valuable price.

    Nov 21,2018

  • Seng Kimhour
    Gaming mouse
    do you want to have a Gaming mouse with a good prize? here is a gaming mouse with a good prize and have a good quality with a good prize more over this product look so nice that have a good design. so I recommend you buy that product and if you want to know information let watch my video below.
    even most part are all good but it also have some bad point like this Mouse is a little heavy but if you use it for several time you might be use to with it what ever I still like it.

    Sep 15,2018

  • Kamil Tolga Atam
    I had the pretty much same mouse bought at around 15€ before and now I have it for less than half price, I can't believe how cheap it is here!

    And I have been using this mouse for more than 1 year in playing first-person shooter games (mostly CS:GO) and it helped me really much. Comfortable and precise product!
    Seen none in 1 year of usage.

    Apr 20,2016

  • Osman
    Cool mouse that's worth the low-price! :)
    7 Buttons

    Adjustable on-the-fly DPI setting

    LED "breathing" effect that fades colors between red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

    Smooth gliding, be sure to get a nice mousepad for an even better experience!

    The cord looks nice as well, red and black
    The only thing that would be needed to make this mouse even better is a longer cord. If you use the computer right handed and your PC tower is on the right side, this won't be an issue. I have my PC tower on the left and use the mouse right-handed, so there is a bit of distance. This is easily fixed with a USB extension cable :)

    Mar 05,2016