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  • egyptianbman
    The GUI user-interface is easy to understand ; giving the ` basic' user a quick way in and out to automatically or manually configure the device and have it up & running in just a few moments, for the advanced user and/or geek, there are many ` advanced' features and functions available like capping or restricting the maximum download/upload speeds that guests on the ` Guest' Wi-Fi network can draw, i plan to call TP-Link Tech Support soon to see if there's an advanced way to set these ports, you will be very happy with its performance !!

    May 20,2018

  • kazper
    I feel my network will be a little future-proof for the time being, the range is great within my apartment, sometimes I have low signal issues either because of my bedroom door or just battery strength with my phone, the interface is straightforward and I can usually understand all the jargon, that would probably also work fine for small apartments or not many devices

    May 31,2018

  • Carter M. Roberts
    I have a wireless router that is pretty close in the main house, the signal is so weak that the Internet on a computer in the guest house was very VERY slow, i moved the extender to an outlet that was about equidistant between the router and the computer, the computer signal picked up the extender at an `` excellent'' strength and it make such a great difference

    Dec 18,2017

  • Pinche Tech
    A great router for the price
    Very good router for the price. Better range than my Asus Ac68u and more powerfull also. Qualcomm chipset is great. You wont't miss firmware althernatives with this one because Asus firmware is one of the best. Gearbest really needs to package better. No protection at all.

    Dec 07,2018

  • Barb Bobber
    I bought this model because I own a house with a metal roof and the previous older router I had wasn't cutting it, i am super impressed with the range of this model, my girlfriends parents bought this exact same model and they live a block away from me and I get signal from their router to just barely inside my house

    Jul 30,2018

  • Costa_Zl
    Roteador Wifi Asus ACRH17
    Envio do produto via ePacked perfeito (12 dias), pacote em embalagem padrão (plastico e papelão).
    Configuração fácil, simples, só baixar Firmware no site da Asus e por ultima versão disponível... produto muito bom mesmo nada contra.

    Obs.: Embalagem poderia vir em saco bolão que da ms proteção por ser um item de plastico e eletrônico.

    Nov 05,2018

  • Eric Wes
    Setup was fairly easy, i had to reset the router multiple times for all my devices to authenticate it, we have satellite Internet so our connection speeds are naturally slow & effected by the weather, it has a decent range, it meets an exceeds my old router's function & capability & my expectations

    Jan 17,2018

  • Saeed M
    I bought this for my parents after their wifi signal showed to be spotty and super slow on our wireless devices, it was pretty painless to setup and their wifi became super charged, i was able to get a good consistent signal all through the house and a weakened signal out in the driveway

    Jun 30,2018

  • suible
    I have a large house so I bought this router on the strength of all the reviews that praised its range, far I am not disappointed ; I get a strong signal with all of my portable devices even one floor up and clear across the house, our wireless devices include several tablets and laptops

    Dec 21,2017

  • SpecialK
    I used web to program for setup very simple but be aware some steps don't match instructions follow what the web tells you, no reboots what so ever !! Only have had a few weeks but so far very impressed but then again I just want reliable wifi and this fits the bill

    Apr 29,2018