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  • Arturo
    Funny and creative
    This a very nice and intelligent killtime toy, arrives in a small and practical metal box and offer you almost infinite possibilities to create forms or object with this small but strong magnets. I advise it absolutely for children and adults!!
    Questo è un simpatico ed intelligente passatempo, arriva in una piccola e pratica scatola di metallo e ti offre possibilità quasi infinite di creare forme o oggetti con queste piccole ma potenti sferette magnetiche. Lo consiglio assolutamente per bambini e adulti !!
    Absolutely nothing!
    Assolutamente niente!

    May 12,2018

  • Magnetic DIY Ball - SILVER 216pcs 5mm
    Good quality strong magnets - really attractive toy for children and adults - 5mm diameter of balls is much better than 3mm
    I very happy. My children are very happy too. They very like this toy. My wife is very happy too. I will buy this toys in the future. Thank you very much.I was looking for it since I had another one. I would like to create bigger forms, so I needed a set with the same size.
    It was perfect. Both sets are equal (from different distributors).
    It is perfect to run away your imagination and create geometrical forms.

    Feb 05,2019

  • 14tequila
    Very Funny Game with lot's of possibilities
    I'm alway been curious about this magnetig game and when I got it from GearBest with a good price... well it is really amazing!
    - first task: rebuild the cube: I've took a couple of hours the first time...
    - second task: rebuild the cube much faster (now I take 1 minute more or less...)
    - third task: discover how many 2D and 3D shapes you can create with these 216 pieces!
    -other tasks: look at your friends playing ;-)
    - not for small children...
    - not leave it near your notebook and hard drives!!! The magnetic ball are REALLY strong

    Jun 01,2018

  • Sophie Colard
    I will order again
    These balls are really amazing. My 10 years daughter play with them each time she has a while. She took them at school today to show them to her friends.
    We can make a lot of things with them. I explained her how it was working (she learned a little of physic too :) )
    I can’t make pics cause I don’t have them for the moment, but I’m gonna order more of them to make bigger constructions and then I’ll make pics and or video.
    Nothing for the moment. I received them yesterday.

    Nov 23,2017

  • Nick41
    Let them roll and have fun
    Funny magnetic balls nicely packed cube in a tin with a window. Even unpacked they look nice.
    That's why I give four stars. Five stars would mean that there is no room for improvement.
    Suggestion for improvement: include some suggestions for handling ieg. pictures.
    Know of no other similar item.
    Have fun when you, like I did buy this article.
    They are rather small, so be careful not to loose them and first and foremost with small children

    Jul 29,2018

  • Shinigami
    5mm Magnetic Ball - 216Pcs
    Great creativity toy, your imagination is the only limit. Well aside from the amount of balls :) People do amazing things on youtube with these, but to really have a lot of fun, you need around 1000 balls, but I highly recommend this to help you relax and center yourself

    Feb 10,2018

  • Vali
    216pcs 5mm Magnetic DIY Ball - SILVER
    Item arrived ok, in a nice plastic box. The size is not exactly 5mm as you can see in the picture, and this will make it harder to combine with other sets of magnetic balls that have exact 5mm ( so only 4 stars), but overall is a really nice product, for children and adults also.

    Jan 13,2019

  • Sergey
    Magnetic Ball
    Шарики достойные. По сравнению с цветными заказывал здесь же немного ранее, то по ощущениям немного качественнее сделаны. Возможно это из-за еще одного слоя краски. В любом случае рекомендую покупать именно эти.

    Feb 13,2019

  • Quasy
    216pcs 5mm Magnetic Ball
    Ez a termék az amiben még sosem csalódtunk. A gyerekek imádják, ez a harmadik csomag ebből a játékból. Így már egész nagy dolgokat tudnak belőle építeni. Nagyon fejleszti a kreativitásukat minden játékkal töltött perc boldogságot okoz.
    Nincs semmi negatív tapasztalat.

    Aug 02,2018

  • Lubomir
    5mm Magnetic Ball - 216Pcs - gearbest
    pekná hračka nielen pre deti. som prekvapený aké sú magnety silné. dá sa s tým pekne zahrať. bude to dobrý darček pre dcéru.

    a nice toy not just for kids. I'm surprised what the magnets are strong. you can play it nice. it will be a good gift for the daughter.
    je to malé na hranie a je málo magnetov. Mohlo byť viac

    it's small to play and there are few magnets. There could be more

    Dec 08,2017