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  • FSP
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+64GB ROM EU PLUG
    So little so powerful
    I was unsure if leaving 4 stars or 5 stars review, I'll explain why. I received the tv box but when I switched it on there was a persistent popup error that I could delete just for less than a second. The tv box rebooted after some times i deleted the popup. So I tried to write in the Beelink forum and I emailed their customer care. I tried to reflash the software, after I read the forum, and the tv box started to work perfectly. Why am I leaving 5 stars? Because the customer care emailed me back a few hours later telling me to update the firmware, just what I did. I appreciated it.The tv box is very powerful. I had a Abox 2gb ram and I can tell the difference: this one is much faster. Ok, there are minor problems (the weather widget non working) but I see the community of users is active in the official forum and I like it. The remote controller isn't the best one but I bought an air mouse. I am impressed how little it is but there are all the connections needed.

    Jan 23,2019

  • Predrag
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+32GB ROM EU Plug
    Awesome Beelink GT Mini Android TV Box with great OTA update
    Amazing TV Box, Android 8.1, but after turn on and update device work with Android 9 PieProcessor Amlogic s905x2, GPU Mali G31 4GB RAM DDR4, 32Gb ROM, Remote controll with air mouse.Very nice and simple UI interface, OTA work great like with other Beelink devicesEverything work fast, smooth and fluid. A lot of apks from original google play store, youtube work great in 4K resolution, Kodi work awesome with tons of movies, tv chanells, series and others about multimedia.Great for games, pubg, real racing 3 and othersGreat, small designe but very powerfull device.Nice materials inside the box against overheating. Very good ethernet for fast internet conections, and wifi signall is very good with good range distance.It's really worth it,RECOMEND IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Oct 13,2019

  • Carcha
    Oui (2) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+64GB ROM EU PLUG
    Beelink GT1 MINI TV Box com "Controlo Remoto muito fraco!"
    Encomenda entregue em boas condições e rápido depois de ser despachado de armazém.- Mas demorou muito tempo a para ser despachado:Encomenda: 11-11-2018Despachado só: 01-12-2018Entregue: 13-12-2018 - muito rápido!Fiquei decepcionado com o Comando Remoto que deviria ter um Giroscópio de 6 Eixos e não tem. Nesse botão está o botão de "Home". Tenho um problema no botão da seta para a direita que se tem de carregar com muita força para deslocar a opção no ecrã para a direita.Os outros componentes da encomenda são de boa qualidade.Como este foi o primeiro equipamento que adquiri não tenho qualquer opinião para comparar com outras marcas.Irei continuar a fazer encomendas na Gearbest porque nunca tive qualquer problema. As pessoas que trabalham na Gearbest são ótimos profissionais.Um Bom Natal para Todos!

    Dec 16,2018

  • Alekcandr
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+64GB ROM EU PLUG
    Beelink GT1 Minii супер!!!
    1. Выбрал эту модель посмотрев обзоры на ютюб, в том часле канал технозон с баблом. Всё подробно рассказал и порекомендовал брать версию 4/64. И я об этом не пожалел!!! 2.Очень не понравилось что снандартным пультом при первой настройке ну ни как не настроить wifi (тупо не в ходит в меню! Годов подключать другой пульт, а лучше аэро мышь). Понравились очень маленькие размеры и хороший интерфейс из коробки, доступная цена по акции!!!3. Эта у меня первая приставкасравнит не с чем, но меня это приставка полностью устраивает (ещё переделал голосовой поиск по приложениям, стало вообще супер, тоже рассказал балл в своём канале, ню и конечно на 4pda. всё тоже есть!4. Если докупить ещё отдельно аэро мышь и будет вам счастье или пульт клаву. Все рекомендую к покупке этот девайс Beelink gt1 mobi!!!

    Feb 20,2019

  • Leon
    Oui (2) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+64GB ROM EU PLUG
    Good product, but waited too long
    TV box is really nice, fast and responsive. It's easy to use and install all kinds of apps because of the google play store is available to use. It has plenty of RAM and you can watch all kinds of movies without any problems.One problem with this is that microphone on the remote doesn't work for some reason.On the other hand, I had to wait for too long for the item to be shipped (almost a month). After it was shipped it got stopped by Croatian customs (that was expected and it is normal, but it adds additional waiting) FYI I had to pay around 30 USD to get it in Croatia.

    Dec 28,2018

  • Bodo Lee
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+32GB ROM EU Plug
    Nice product
    Version: 4GB DDR4+64GB ROM EU PLUGPro: Small, Fast. OTA update each time when a new version of Android appears.You can connect a 2 Gb external drive.Rooted device, so you can install everything that you want. Fast delivery. 6 days in RomaniaCons:LAN port is not working, and i have tried everything. Wi-fi is working well. Guys from support guided me to solve the issue and help to with some ideas. That's why I rated the product and also the support team with 4/5.The remote control does not work well. Not all the buttons are working as expected.

    Feb 24,2019

  • xomarex
    Oui (1) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+64GB ROM EU PLUG
    Beelink GT1 Mini, piccolo e potente
    Per trasformare la mia tv in smart, ho deciso di acquistare questo tv box. Colpito dalla sua piccolezza e dalla sua potenza. Ho subito istallato le app che uso, anche se ho trovato alcune difficoltà con netflix, amzon prime e tim vision. Dopo svariate prove, ho visto che netflix, ha problemi con la nuova applicazione e bisogna scaricare una versione precedente, mentre le altre app, hanno problemi con il telecomando che non riesce a far partire i film. Ho così messo un mouse, dato che la porta usb riconosce anche mouse e tastiere e tutto è diventato facile da gestire, potendo così controllare tutte le applicazioni.

    Apr 14,2019

  • Владимир
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+32GB ROM EU Plug
    Beelink GT1 MINI TV Box - мой любимый теперь.
    TV Box отличный. Пришёл с 115 прошивкой. Пульт без Мыши тут неудобен,он только для андроид TV, съэкономили производители 2 доллара - выкинул я его. Пользуюсь пультом MX3 Русская версия с функцией мыши,купленным тут на gearbest. Кстати пульт от Xiaomi MI BOX3 подключил через блютуз, работать им гораздо быстрее и привычней. Когда вставлен донгл от пульта может не хватать USB гнёзд, в этом случае я подключаю USB 3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter 3 Ports Hub,который покупал тут на gearbest для моего Xiaomi MI BOX3.

    May 05,2019

  • Dundee64
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+32GB ROM EU Plug
    Great box with its limits
    This box is quite ok for its price. However i would welcome AndroidTV variant of OS instead of stock Android. This can be fixed by visiting freaktown forums and flashing one of alternative AndroidTV roms. Another limit is included remote, as i had to buy alternative, because original was not suitable for my needs.For now, i´m running this box with OREO SCV2-ATV without any issues. Kodi is quite fast and i have not encountered any major issues. Flashing it was a bit pain, but after following few guides, i managed to do it.

    Jan 18,2019

  • Mehmet Ali
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black Taille: 4GB DDR4+64GB ROM EU PLUG
    Beelink Kalitesinde değil....
    Ürün kesinlikle bit GT 1 ULTİMATE Değil.....Performans olarak yanına bile yaklaşamaz...Evet kompakt ve küçük ama performans olarak hayal kırıklığı...BEELİNK kalitesine yakışmayacak kadar ağır bir cihaz...İlk kurulumda ne wifi nede ethernet çalışmadı...Zor bela bağlandı ve iki defa güncelleme aldıktan sonra biraz kendine geldi cihaz...Bir GT 1 ULTİMATE kullanıcısı olarak Ben bu ürünü aldığıma pişman oldum...Nakliye tam 40 gün sürdü....Beklediğime değer demiştim ama dediğim gibi tam bir hayal kırıklığı Beelink in bu cihazı.....

    Dec 20,2018