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  • Faithe Raman
    It looks amazing beside our bed, very ideal for bedroom or office use.
    This is a great product that has been very well made for a good price. Very happy with it. I definitely recommend it!
    Absolutely loved this charger stand when I got it.
    It is with great construction is very strong and looks pretty nice,
    I am glad it works perfect because I really love this product. It charges my iPhone X, Apple watch and AirPods expediently and collects all the cables which could make my table tidy.
    It looks amazing beside our bed, very ideal for bedroom or office use. The color, build and quality is excellent, takes up very little space and keeps the phone and watch visible without taking up extra space.
    One thing that is worth mentioning is that if you have a really thick case on your phone like I do, then the wireless charger probably won't work unless you take your phone out of the case (that's what I have to do if I wan't to use the wireless charger), but that is probably true of all wireless chargers (I don't know though, because this is the only one I have), not so bulky cases work just fine!

    Oct 14,2019

  • Queena Dewar
    Wireless charger for all of your apple devices in one spot!
    Do you have an iPhone, Apple watch, and/or airpods and looking for a convenient way to charge them all? Well this charging station is exactly what you need. This charging station will charge your iPhone, Apple watch, and your airpods all at once. Moreover, it will also help you declutter your cables since one cable will be powering this charging station as opposed to having three cables out and about if you were to charge all three devices without this charging station.

    Finally, it wirelessly charges your iPhone, it’ll be faster than your typical wireless charger! Only complaint if anything would be that the picture on the box indicates that I would be able to charge my airpods with a case on. That’s not the case as the airpod charging case fits snug into the slot of the charging station. Again, it’s not a problem charging-wise, but it’s a bit of miscommunication.

    Oct 06,2019

  • Eugene Nell
    The charger is great. It's 1 for all pretty much. It fits anywhere and it's very light weight. I have it on my desk where I can always have my phone charging while making sure I never miss a call. I really wanted something that held my phone in the same place all the time. I move a lot from my desk and always left my phone out of reach. You know just as you sit down to work you get a call or message and your phone isn't close. Also while my phone is charging I can connect my watch and don't have to get up and get the charger. Everything charges at a reasonable pace and doesn't take that much room at all. Price over all is good for the quality of the charger.

    Oct 05,2019

  • Vic Christiana
    Something I Never Knew I Needed
    An all in one charger was something that was not on my list to buy until I came across it. It can charge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch all in one go. I’ve yet to test out the charging on the Apple Watch though because I’m waiting for mine to actually come. I love that it reduces the amount of chargers I need since I don’t have that many wall plugs to charge everything at once. I think the only downside to this is that the cases I have for my items can’t be on while charging so it takes a little time to take them off, but nothing too annoying thankfully. Otherwise a really good buy and pretty worth the price.

    Oct 13,2019

  • Rae Nick
    Just get it!
    I love it! Just what I needed to organize my nightstand. Only cable I need is for the wireless charger and Apple Watch charger, no big deal. Quality surpasses my standards would recommend to anyone looking to charge everything they have. I picked this one in general because I use different cases and some are thick, I didn’t want to use the others that give me a limit on thickness of it’s going to fit in the built in stand. Glad I brought this. Perfect !!

    Oct 14,2019

  • Arlen Thodore
    GREAT design for all my Apple Devices!
    What a great product! I am an Apple person and have and IPhone 10s Max, Apple ear pods, and an Apple watch. I have 3 different chargers by my bed where I charge everything for the next day! This 3in1 Charging station is GREAT! I really like the design. It is very high quality and it holds all 3 devices securely and charges them fast! This is one of the best Apple accessories I have seen! I highly recommend this!

    Oct 14,2019

  • Asa Christian
    No more cords
    Very compact charging stand, light weight and works very smoothly. Less clutter on the desk and looks very neat. Used for few days and charging speed is fast. purchased one for myself, thinking to get another one so, we both have it.It is very easy if you are interrupted by calls or messages while charging the phone, instead of pulling the cable, simply pick the phone.

    Oct 05,2019

  • Daphne Wyld
    Love the charging station.
    I have tried many station and although this one still doesn’t charge with my popsocket in the middle, if you lower it it does, it’s the perfect setup without all the cords. It gives my phone a fast charge and has such a slick look. It’s not bulky or in the was. I also love how I can use it as a stand and watch a movie on my phone without having to hold it and it still charge.

    Oct 12,2019

  • Blithe Emmie
    Convenient all-in-1 charger for Apple devices
    A really convenient all-in-one Apple device charger for apple watch, air pods and iphone.
    Used it for iPhone and Apple watch and am satisfied so far with its performance.
    Elegant look
    All-in-1 charging
    iPhone wireless charging along with case
    Just drop Apple watch on its charging place and it will adjust for charging automatically
    Kind of fast charging

    Oct 15,2019

  • Christian Perkin
    i LOVEEEEE this! first of all i’m stupid and didn’t know my iphone could wirelessly charge... so i thought i got duped when i first opened it lol. It charges even through my thick phone case. So totally worth the price considering how much just one wireless phone charging station is without the added benefit of pods and watch charging

    Oct 14,2019