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  • Eleny
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    Excellent product
    Some time ago I bought an Anet A6 printer on this page, I made several modifications and this article had wanted it for a long time, actually I have seen so many good results that managed to make it acquire it, I like the speed that prints with estre extruder E3D V6, also gives an elegant appearance and manages to make good finishes, no doubt would always recommend.

    Aug 24,2018

  • Luis Alvarez
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    bowden extruder like e3d v6
    this is a e3d v6 copy, look very similar but have something differences, is very hard to install, only for advances users, config is very very extend, try and failure, but once installed, prints are beautiful, quality 100%

    Jan 15,2019

  • Ronan Tully
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    Item as described, no complaints
    Good print head, works great when you get it set up properly. Make sure you tighten it well when it is hot. Retraction settings need to be much lower then with a direct print head or it will constantly clog. Throat is lined so I would recommend if you are printing hotter plastics to swap it for an all metal one. Installed on my A8 with no problems.
    Lack of instructions, but go to the E3D site to install correctly.

    Jun 13,2018

  • Extruder Nozzle
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    3rd and 4th one
    This is actually my 2nd pair. As you may know, overtime the nozzle will clog up and im to lazy to clean it up. just replace it. The quality is good. you basically just screw it in the heated block of the printer. Done!
    No issues.

    Dec 12,2017

  • Gelbrook
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    Does not work properly
    I planed for weeks to mount this hotend on my Anet A8, when I finally achieve it I saw that the thermal sensor is not working.The temperature displayed on the main screen is always 0° and my printer run into error when I tried to preheat the hotend : E1 heating failed, PRINTED HALTED, please resetI tried to re-plug my old hothead and it works fine.This hotend is definitely not working, I'm very disapointed

    Dec 20,2018

  • Johan
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    All metal E3D clone
    This all metal hotend works really good, put it on my Creality Ender-2, could reduce retraction from 7mm to 2.5mm, the whole hotend and PTFE tube have a smaller inner diameter than stock. I haven't tested the heater element nor the thermistor yet (I used the original ones)
    There were some ridges in the throat that I easily removed by hand with a 2mm drill bit. due to the big cooling block it sits a bit futher out from the bracket so I lost a little printable space in the Y.

    May 26,2018

  • JanTchi
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    E3D V6 0.4mm
    Very nice extruder. Extremely high precision. Max speed with this one is about 150mm/s in bowden configuration and I use it for about 260°C for PETG. I make a Zeus cage for this one.

    Jan 01,2019

  • Thorsten
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    All Metall - almost like the original
    -All metall - no PTFE-tubing inside -Threads are butter-smooth -Very light The throat is M7 on the cold-end side and M6 on the hot-end side, the heater-block clamps down on the heater-element, just like the original from E3D.
    Since the inner diameter of the Throat was slightly smaller than of the bowden-tube the filament got stuck right on the "seam" between the tube and the throat. I had to work a little on the first 5mm or so of the throat with a 2mm ball-tip-tool from my gravure-set, to make it a little bit wider. Now it works good.

    Mar 16,2017

  • OtterNas3
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    Top Product!
    I will replace the Extruder on my Anet A8 with this, it looks good, the Packaging was "ok" If this piece will work great, i will definately buy another three of these for the other Printer's! Thanks GB for the Service!
    Nothing bad to sa on this one :)

    Mar 18,2017

  • Overlrod_Laharl
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    Great item
    -All metal -works very well -Bowden (this means the extruder motor gets mounted on the printer frame, and this means less mass (thus jerk) on the extruder carriage) -includes almost everythign needed for use
    -due to variances of different printers a method to mount this is not included. you will need to print one. so this requires a working printer -due to the limitations of the bowden design there is more stringing. -you will need to add custom firmware on your printer to use this.

    Jan 12,2018