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HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie
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HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie

- Noir

Gaine de Silex / Aiguiseur
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Caractéristiques Principales:

Avec lame en matériau D2 et gaine Kydex, plus durable, résistance à l'usure

La poignée G10 n'est pas facile à déformer, temps de service plus long

Marteau de queue vous aidera à casser la fenêtre ou les lunettes

Deux trous sur la poignée facilitent l'insertion de la lance

L'affûtage de la lame peut réparer la lame lorsqu'elle est cassée

Remarque: Gardez le couteau à l'écart des enfants, ils pourraient se blesser

Remarque: la pierre à silex n'est pas incluse dans l'emballage.




Détails du Produit

Longueur de Lame: 9cm
Dureté: 59 degrés
Couleur: Noir


Poids du produit: 0,4700 kg

Contenu du colis

Liste d'emballage: 1 x HX EXTERIEURS D2 Couteau Droite, 1 x Gaine (sans Silex)

HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie- Noir

HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie- Noir

HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie- Noir

HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie- Noir

HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie- Noir

HX EXTERIEURS TD - 01 Couteau Droite de Survie- Noir

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  • BobA
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    Knife is Every Bit as Good as The YouTube Reviewers State
    I bought this after watching many and reading many reviews on this knife. I paid $43 USD delivered to my door exactly in the 15 business days stated.
    The sheath is adequate and is made out of plastic. I do not take this as a con. Younger people, especially my fellow Americans, forget that plastic, even older formulas, is still a very strong material. I assume (I know) that it will hold up in very cold temperatures. In any case, for the price, one should NOT complain about the sheath.
    I read one review that stated that the D2 steel could not be sharpened with the provided diamond sharpener. While getting a fine edge may be impossible, the diamond is more than adequate and probably necessary for sharpening such a hard, tough steel. It can be removed if desired. It is rough and will fray material. Recommend placing tape over it. It is so coarse that I believe the intended purpose is to get a working edge and to repair damage to the knife. Not get a internet knife ninja sharp edge.
    The ferrocerium rod is a nice touch. Some complain about placement on the front of the sheath. It adds little to the width and foresee no problems with it placement. The ferro rod holder section can be removed if desired.
    I have not used it yet so no more comments on the rod itself. The knife does have 1" or 2.5 centimeter area on the spine that can be used for striking the ferro rod. I have been looking for a replacement ferro rod to replace the provided one in the future. GearBest no longer sells the black ones. Only the red is available. Searches of FastTech and other sites list ALL versions of the ferro rod as discontinued.
    The scales (handle) are a bit smooth and I imagine that may present a problem if your hands are wet or sweaty. many people have mentioned that they added texture through various techniques. I am keeping the handles as is until I use in real world conditions.
    Handling the knife feels comfortable and as others have stated it is back end heavy, but it is now awkward. the finger groove on the scales provide firm grip. The finger choil on the blade is a little too close to the cutting edge for my hands. If I were planning on using it, I would grind down the cutting edge by 1/16" or 2-3 millimeters.
    The sharpness of the blade was adequate. It cut paper easily but not as smoothly as a ganzo folder.
    The belt clip on the sheath is belt through the clip only. There is no clip on feature. The screws that hold the clip spin freely and I could not remove them.
    I have not had to resharpen the knife, only had it for a few days. Will add additional comments should I have issues..
    In America, we used to have a very true saying "you get what you pay for". Sadly, for many American products this is not true. You pay too much and get less for your money. With this knife, you get MORE than the money you paid. The D2 steel will serve you well as long as it is maintained.
    Belt clip needs work. Should be able to unscrew it and modify (flip it) or replace with a third party locking hardware system is desired.
    Sharpening strip needs a cover of some type. The diamond material will rub through any material is is placed against.
    Finger choil near the cutting edge is too close. Needs modifications to safely use.

    Jun 04,2018

  • Roman
    Oui (9) Couleur: Black
    HX OUTDOORS Survival Straight Knife
    Strong survival knife HX Outdoors TD-01
    This knife is quite interested in the combination of adequate no-frills appearance and D2 was a statement on the blade.
    Packaging - ordinary envelope with bubbles, so a box with a knife was crumpled.
    Box cardboard, almost all information in Chinese. If you are interested, box dimensions: length 240 mm, width 63 mm, height 44 mm.
    The sheath of Kydex material. Manufacturer of wide use of the elasticity of the material. The very springy blade fixed not fastened at the top of the sheath halves.
    And steel is fixed in this way.
    Flint goes from the fastening with difficulty, so it is fixed firmly.
    Plastic handle on one side convex, the other flat.
    The total length of 90 mm, the rod length 45 mm, diameter 8 mm.
    Quality manufacturing sheath themselves pleased.
    Lightweight, reliable fixed knife.
    The length of the sheath is 190 mm, width 62 mm, thickness in the area of flint retainer 30 mm. Weight with sheath 102 g flint. On one of the sides of the sheath fixed plate with diamond-coated sharpening the blade. Its length of 92 mm, it is convenient to use.
    Let's get acquainted with the very knife.
    Total length 220 mm
    Blade length 98 mm, length 87 mm sharpened portion, blade width 33mm, thickness of 4.4 mm.
    Descents from the butt, flat. The reduction of 0.8 mm. Sharpening performed well. I need a survival knife bells and whistles such as flint, hammer in the handle and the holes in the handles for making spears with blades from wear-resistant steel D2. When assessing the knife, do not forget the convenient handle of the G-10, and excellent light sheath of Kyd

    Apr 14,2016

  • Mark
    Oui (4) Couleur: Black
    Excellent knife
    -thought out craftsmanship
    -good size
    The pictures don't do it justice. This is the exact size and fitment for me. I bought a BK2 thinking that would be my go to knife for camping and hiking... That thing is so huge and cumbersome. Love it but its just too big! This knife is very handle heavy but having the weight there keeps it in your hand. This knife isn't the bk2, I have to remember that. The steel on this knife is said to be d2 which I'm not sure if it is or not but it came with wonky angles so I attempted to sharpen it to 20°. Took me 4 hours with some regular wetstones and I ended up just finishing it up without getting the angle perfect. It will cut hair but I missed some areas. I've reprofiled 154 steel with those same stones no problem. So I believe this IS D2 steel just not too sure about the treatments so I need to just test it out and see if it chips or anything.
    The sheath is very thought out! As you can see from the pictures the diamond stone isnt just glued on, it is a bolted plate. And the kydex sheath keeps the blade edge away from that plate so so worries on dulling the blade. Knife also doesnt wiggle and is held very strong. There is a hole drilled out to allow for water to escape. There are no sharp edges on the knife and the jimping is grippy but not painfull. It's full tang including the hammer, no seams in the metal. And last but not least it is black not orange with logos all over it! Very similar to a&nbsp
    Only downside is the treatment on the D2 Steel. Its unknown so only time will tell if it holds up and preforms like D2 should.

    Nov 02,2015

  • Angelo
    Oui (0) Couleur: Black
    I just received this knife this morning and I had to think for a long while for the words that describe this knife.

    O.M.G. Folks, This is a beast. This a weighty knife with a small bias in weight towards the pummel, which you can drive rivets in with. The knife arrived very sharp. As most folks do, I'll give it that final razor edge and it's done. The knife fits into it's kydex sheath fits very snuggly with the fire steel showering sparks like no tomorrow. Feels great in the hand too and I have medium to large hands.

    Nothing is over stated. It oozes pure functionality just waiting to be put to work. I cannot believe how much £30.00 buys you. It's mental. You have to buy one of these to fully appreciate the quality and the workmanship that has gone into making this. Ordered on the 2nd August, arrived on the 20th. Not too shabby at all.

    Got to thank Blue Mountain Bush Craft & Outdoors as that is where I saw the review on this wonderful piece of kit in the first place and soon after watching the video, I ordered one. Well done guys. You have done yourselves proud.

    Aug 20,2016

  • emery
    Oui (4) Couleur: Black
    as good as it gets
    i am simply in love with this knife an i own a multitude of knifes with high price range.
    as a survival enthusiast an teacher i find this to be a big bang for your bucks.
    i carry it with me each day as my edc,it fits in the hand comfortably,the sheath does a great job in holding the knife in place,the fire striker works perfectly,built in sharpener works ok"won't get a fine edge on the blade"but will get it sharp enough in a pinch in a bad situation.
    the hammer end works great also an im not 100% on the steel as it says D2 ,but from some of my other high end D2 steel knifes it seems to be so as you need diamond sharpening to give this little bad boy a good edge,steel is very hard,which is good as it keeps its edge longer.
    perfect survival knife an edc i highly recomend this.
    p.s iv also tested an used the hell out of this knife almost each day for over 3 months an its a beast,the black coating is holding up better then i could have imagined,an it comes sharp out of the box couldn't ask for better for this price
    none what so ever,this is a steal at this price for the quality

    Nov 15,2016

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