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  • ragadinks
    HUAWEI E8372h - 155 4G Wireless Modem
    I use the wireless LTE stick in order to connect to the internet on my laptop running Linux Debian (Stretch). I was surprised that the operating recognized the stick at once. The program usb_modeswitch put it into the ethernet mode (12d1:14db) and networkmanager connected to it properly. After connecting a configuration webpage opened up in the browser automatically where you could put in the PIN for the SIM. At this point I was in trouble because this configuration webpage was written in Chinese only and did not let the user choose another language. So I had to put the SIM in the mobile phone and disable the SIM PIN in the Android's security settings. After I had put it back in the wireless stick it worked flawlessly. So overall I think its a good product, but the Chinese only interface makes it a bit difficult for not Chinese speaking people to configure it properly. pros: * Overall good product that works out of the box as advertised
    * Manual only in Chinese * Webpage for configuration only in Chinese

    Nov 08,2017

  • Good product
    Works well in 38 band but also other bands
    Small modem/router. Easy to setup (if you know Chinese language and you use your computer... :)). Otherwise use the Android app and you will get it work at a certain point. I had to try several times but probably I didn't do it properly from the beginning. I insert it in a power bank and I have wifi all day. Very good coverage, in open space up to 50 m or maybe even more
    It's getting a bit hot when in use but probably because of the size of the stick. Chinese language interface it's not really something you want.

    Apr 21,2018

  • Omari
    This is best modems huawei_e837
    1. yes it is best modem 2. i like it is good router 3. i choosed ratting becouse i like this item and this store 4. i recomended you fast shipping 4. bouy you 5. watch my video and your liked item thank you gearbest
    no coins it is good great

    May 14,2018

  • Denis
    Huawei E8372h - 155 4G LTE 150Mbps USB
    Huawei quality4G LTE supportWiFi supportManage via Huawei Mobile WiFi App or browserLooks very goodSlim designGood priceBuilt-in antenna
    No. Just not fast delivery.

    Jun 05,2018

  • Joseph
    Great product
    The product is slim and very well made. It's easy to use and operate and that's really nice. It powers up Pretty fast (10/15s) and give a really good speed for internet if you have a good connection.
    However sometimes, when you open fast tabs, it gives you a chinese menu. Sometimes too the connection is not operating fine. Moreover the slot takes full SIM card, if you make a mistake, it will be hard to take it out

    Mar 28,2018

  • math
    Usefull item, compatible with FREE mobile if you use it in France.The only problem is the single language (Chinese) but with google chrome it work perfectly in any language you need.You can also read SMS received on your SIM card if you need to retrieve ISP informations.

    Sep 05,2018

  • Alex
    Huawei E8372h
    Huawei is in my trusted list of products. I am very satisfied with this product. It is like as described. Good job Gearbest

    Mar 02,2018

  • huawei e8732h
    huawei e8732h
    great rate (in my country it coast 2 times more) easy to set up - use the app enter a sim and thats it. works great.
    the whole menue is in chinees i had to use google translate to understand how to config. took me very long time. but once configed all works great hope not to have issues because i will not understand the massage :)

    Jan 23,2018

  • lionel
    Produit absolument génialidéal pour palier le manque de connexion adsl il suffit d’insérer un carte sim mieux vaut mettre l'appli huawei pour parametrerles débit sont bonson peut le brancher directement sur un chargeur usb

    Dec 10,2018

  • Tiemji
    This product is awesome as it allows me to have internet connection and access pratically everywhere. It's easy to operate. What is not nice, is that if it had an internal battery, that could be perfect

    Sep 17,2018