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  • Java
    After using many many different products and procedures,i first wash with neutrogena hydro boost hydrating cleansing gel in the morning with hyaluronic acid,at night with neutrogena oil-free acne wash pink grapefruit facial cleanser with salicylic acid,i don't use a separate moisturizer as I follow up with a mix of a brightener and hydrating tinted moisturizer,there are also wonderful alba botanica products for cleansing and for a facial mask once a week,a few side perks : the darker spots on my face (mostly along side jaw line) are also significantly lighter and I didn't even care about those,i think it can get a little expensive because the size of the jars are much larger than the amount of product in them,it's taken me a long time to find the right combination of products and the best skin care routine for me but I think i've found it !! better late than never

    Oct 14,2018

  • Michał
    Xiaomi inFace Sonic Face Brush
    Xiaomi inFace Sonic Face Brush is a great product. It looks really nice (comes in 4 color variants – I chose green one). Brush is soft to the touch (covered with soft silicone). It has one buton for turning it on/off (long press) and changing the power of vibration (short press). It has 3 vibration modes - gentle, medium and strong. It comes with carrying case, instructions and charging cable (standard USB on the one side and dedicated charging port on the other). Brush is completly waterproof.It came to me with a little bit damaged box but fortunately, the contents were intact.I didn’t used it (just turned on to check if it’s working) but I’m sure my girlfriend will be very happy to use it.

    May 07,2019

  • QBFreak
    I like the product so far but I can't say much about it because i've only been using it for a week,you don't need a lot of product to cover your face and a little goes a long way,i was worried about this product exacerbating my already oily skin due to the other ingredients,it definitely wasn't a bad purchase,i realized this dryness was normal in the first few weeks of using,my face was very soft

    Oct 11,2018

  • Black Cat
    I feel the need to always use foundation to cover up the dark spots and scars on my face because it's so bad and embarrassing to me,i also do a sport where I come into contact with a lot of outside stuff on my face,it's really difficult for me to keep up a consistent skin care routine,i feel so much better about my skin,i also have a couple wrinkles that are becoming less and less prominent

    Oct 14,2018

  • John
    Perfect product
    I have bought it for my wife and she is very satisfied. Its very soft and works very good, made of quality materials, no smell and what is the most important - its really Xiaomi quality! Huge satisfaction and recommended.

    Feb 03,2019

  • Eyya
    Very soft to my face, I used every night to clean my face before the night cream, not just cleaning, the vribraition is great to refresh my blood, little face massage like a wellness in my bathroom.It came very fast, without problem.The package of the product is very practical for travel.Since it arrived I just caharging it once, and its working, and not problem if I use in water.

    Oct 04,2019

  • Andressa Alves
    Bom produto
    O envio foi bem demorado (um mês), mas o produto chegou em 20 dias. Chegou sem avarias. Gostei muito do produto, e achei bem eficiente. Um bom concorrente da Foreo (já testei o da Foreo, e achei igual o efeito imediato do produto). A primeira recarga é bem demorada, e para ligar precisa segurar o botão. A caixa é toda em chinês, então, não sei é explicada essa informação.

    Apr 28,2019

  • :)
    I know my acne is hormonal and it's not easy to deal with,my skin was doing great,it's gentle enough that my commonly irritated spots don't get scaly and flake but it does the job,people around have been commenting that i'm `` lookin great'' but they can't pinpoint what it is,less breakouts

    Oct 07,2018

  • rlvlk
    Retinol cream has now minimized the dark spots on my face and also helps to add moisture to my face,all other products I have tried were way too strong and I would frantically wash my face to get it off,retinol cream is so soothing when applied to the face : not too thick or greasy

    Oct 04,2018

  • angelsix
    It only takes a small amount and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky,it must be a new company starting out because never never have I had that kind of customer service,i have found my forever face moisturizer and that is something pretty special to me

    Sep 24,2018