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Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche
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Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche

- Vert U2-1A

4.94 583 Avis des Clients | Référer à la description anglaise
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Caractéristiques Principales: 
● Professionnel Cree XM-L2 LED torche pour maximum portabilité
● Multiple mode : 3 modes (5pct, 40pct, 100pct) et 5 modes (5pct, 40pct, 100pct, Strobe, SOS)
● Mémoire mode: Tenir le niveau de luminance quand presser le commutateur plus de 3 sec, ou changer de mode en pressant moins de 3 sec
Protection de bas voltage: La luminance se réduit automatiquement et lampe commence à cligner chaque 2 sec quand voltage d'opération est de 2.9 - 3.1V
Protection de reverse polarité à éviter l'installation improper de batterie et ménagement de thermal à éviter le rechauffage

Comment Changer le Mode: 
Allumer le Convoy S2 à 5pct luminance, attendre environ 5 sec jusqu'à le torche signe, puis éteindre le commutateur et le mode sera changé quand vous l'allumez de nouveau.



Marque: Convoy
Type: S2+
Type de Lampe de Poche: Portatif
Taille de lampe de poche: taille Moyenne
Perles de Lampe: Cree XM-L2 U2
Emetteur: 1
Lumens: 200-500Lumens
Flux Lumineux: 1000Lm
Courant: 2,8A (7135 x 8)
Caractéristique: Longe,Léger
Emplacement du commutateur: Casquette de Queue
Modes de Lampe de Poche: Empire,Plongeant,Naturel,SOS,Strobe
Mode: 2 Types de Mode (1. 3 Modes: Basse 5%; Moyen 40%; Haut 100%; 2. 5 Modes: Basse 5%; Moyenne 40%; Haute 100%; Stroboscopique; SOS)
Type de Batterie: 1 (non inclus)
Batterie Incluse ou Non: Non
Mode de Mémoire: Oui

Détails du Produit

Source d'Énergie: Batterie
Réflecteur: Réflecteur de zeste d'Orange en aluminium texturé
Quantité de l'Émetteur: Lentille en Verre Trempé Ultra-Clair avec Traitement Anti-Reflet
Distance de faisceau: 50-100m
Matériau du Corps: Alliage d'Aluminium
Couleur de lumière: Blanc Cool


Environ: 3h


Poids du produit: 0,1610 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 2,41 x 2,41 x 11,76 cm / 0,95 x 0,95 x 4,63 pouces
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 3,50 x 3,50 x 13,00 cm / 1,38 x 1,38 x 5,12 pouces

Liste d'emballage

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Convoy S2+ LED Torche, 1 x Cordon

Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche- Vert U2-1A

Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche- Vert U2-1A

Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche- Vert U2-1A

Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche- Vert U2-1A

Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche- Vert U2-1A

Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C LED Torche- Vert U2-1A

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Avis des Clients

4.94 sur 5
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  • Nick
    Oui (0) Couleur: Red Taille: T6-4C
    Red Convoy S2+ 4C
    You can't go wrong with Convoy. Their flashlights are budget friendly and always delivers. This red s2+ is no exception. The build quality is excellent, threads are smooth and the finish is perfect. It has high quality springs on the positive and negative side so virtually any 18650 will fit in it. The 4C which is 4300K - 4500K is really nice. The tint is not too warm and not too cold. This torch has a orange peel reflector so this is a flooder. It lights up every in close proximity. If you want a thrower the S2+ also comes with a smooth reflector. Look for the silver edition or the sandy brown version. Those both have a smooth reflector. This Red one comes with a orange peel reflector is perfect for EDC and indoor use. You can choose to have 3 modes or 5 modes. This can be easily selected as instructed. All the modes have memory even the strobe so you can set this at the desired mode to your likinig. The light output is very high and the head does get quite hot when u leave it on high for a long time. The head easily reaches 60 degrees celsius if you leave it on high so beware. A nice feature is the glow in the dark O-ring in the reflector. It will glow for some time after the flashlig has been turned off. It comes in a nice box with a lanyard loop and the button is metal which is gives a very premium feel.
    The strobe isn't very tactical it is a bit too slow for tactical purposes. There is no pocket clip included but i guess you can buy this separate somewhere.

    Dec 23,2017

  • olwk
    Oui (0) Couleur: Green Taille: U2-1A
    Very well
    The S2+ is now using a Cree XPL-HI on a copper MCPCB for extra performance gains. I know i already said this lol the MCPCB is good quality and fairly thick and is 16mm in diameter. I am not sure if its direct thermal path but I have not tested the board yet. My version is the V2-1A so its a cold white tint but still looks good the XPL-HI are not to cold in a CW tint like a XPG2.

    You do have a choice of different tints raining from 4000k-6500k so the choice is yours.

    XPL-HI V2-1A 6500-7000K
    XPL- HI U6-3A 5000-5200K
    XPL-HI U6-4C 4200-4500K
    How many other lights give you 3 tint options? For reference the V2-1A should give the best output performance its the top bin LED. I did test the S2+ for output it goes good it managed to get 986 lumens. I am using the 8 times 7135 so that sounds about right I guess. Close enough to 1000 lumens for me its a technical pass.

    Nov 12,2018

  • Petro
    Oui (0) Couleur: Red Taille: T6-4C
    Convoy S2+ RED
    Классный универсальный фонарь! Вещь! Соотношение цена/качество бъет все рекорды

    1) качество изготовления и продуманность ставит его в совершенно иную ценовую категорию over 30usd, придраться не к чему.
    2) совершенно реальная мощность в 10W/3A, человеческий линейный драйвер, массивная латунная "пилюля" внутри.
    3) возможность установить TIR оптику превращает его в идеальный фонарь для "ближнего боя", можно ставить на "попу" и светить вверх
    4) мне красный цвет корпуса нравится намного больше унылых серый и черных фонарей, покраска очень качественная и прочная. Яркая заметная и веселая штука :)
    5) в комплекте идет подарочная коробка из хорошего картона, можно спокойно брать на подарки
    6) водоупорность присутствует, мыть можно
    не нашел, честно. Разве что накатка не слишком ухватистая. Зато не грязнится.

    Sep 09,2015

  • Chris
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue Taille: T6-4C
    The Best EDC Light you can get
    When I received this light, I'm impressed with the build quality. Blue color make it a sweet looking light. The 2.8A driver on this light is very bright. It has a even flood beam with less throw which comes in handy in several situations for both indoor and outdoor. The beam has a very smooth transaction from the spot to the spill. This makes it an excellent general purpose light. 4C tint is the most popular tint.
    Since I received it, it became my favorite EDC and I use it almost every day.
    The price on GearBest is very attractive and make this light a great value. If you're looking for an EDC, this is the one you should get.

    Apr 30,2016

  • butterbrezn
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue Taille: T6-4C
    Excellent torch, HIGHLY recommended
    Convoy probably provides best price/value ratio for serious (chinese) flashlights. I really like everything about my blue S2+:
    - excellent build, threads
    - very nice colour of anodization (actually quite different than it appears on the pictures)
    - very nice + unique waterproof metal switch
    - very bright
    - nice compromise of throw and flood
    - 4C tint is nice, but next time I would order a colder 3B (warmwhite)
    - Convoy values (lumens, draw, bint, tint etc.) are real
    - very nice driver with 2 easily changeable groups
    - big and long (protected) cells fit
    - short tube for 16340/18350 available
    - I ordered 8x7135 / 2.800mA version as advertised. I received 6x7145 / 2.100mA driver version. It was quite painful to convince GB support that this is an issue. However even with "only" 800 lumens it´s a very bright light that warms up the body fast and intensive.
    - not a real con: not integrated head like new S3 but brass pill

    Mar 19,2016

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Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

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