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  • Vapinsweden
    Original SMOK TF-Q4 0.15ohm Coil Heads for TFV4 E-Cig Atomizer
    TF-Q4 from Gearbest is a must to any owner of a TFV4 atomizer. They are true cloud spawners and the taste is great. The cons are actually pros, it does consume alot of e-liquid, but there is no smoke without fire, in other words, you cant get clouds without liquid consumption. In writing time, the TF-Q4 costs $ 12,27 for five coils on Gearbest. Its almost redicioulosly cheap for these monsters. The coil is huge, and i get the feeling the metal to produce them should cost more than what they cost to buy from Gearbest. Extreme value for a very good product. As i got these, i was so excited to try them out, so i didnt let the juice saturate enough, so i burnt my first coil, but perhaps someone else reads this review and wont make the same mistake. Let the coil get soaked in the tank with e-liquid at least 15 min before using for the first time. And yes, these coils are definitly original and no copies.
    Eats alot of E-juice, but since these coils are cloud spewing dragons, thats neither surprising nor a bad thing really. If you want the clouds and flavour, it will demand a sacrifice in juice.

    Feb 11,2016

  • Scott
    Full flavor + clouds but juice & watt thirsty
    Clouds Flavor Wicks maxVG wonderfully Low to zero spit back Frequently on sale Even with all the claptons, sextuple, octuple, etc coils, the simple kanthal quad remains my favorite. Massive & multiple juice holes mean you can chain vape even the highest VG liquids and never experience a dry hit. Also, although the list price is about as high as any of the other TFV4 coils, it does seem like these quads are more commonly discounted.
    Costly (like all TFV4 coils) Drinks juice like crazy Requires high amps As great as this performs, you need to go well over 100 watts to get the good clouds and flavor. In practice you need a three battery, 200 watt mod, and batteries that spit 20 amps minimum (25 better) without breaking a sweat.

    Jun 10,2016

  • Mike O
    Good coils for the TFV4 mini
    These are perfect size for the TFV4 mini. Smaller diameter than the regular TFV4 coils so it fits in the glass with more room for juice. It's the same diameter of the TFV4 mini clapton coils. The regular full size TFV4 coils will fit in the TFV4 mini but they are so big, it then only holds about a ml of juice. Nice coils for the mini. Price is also very good.
    None, this is my preferred coil for the mini.

    Apr 29,2016

  • willey
    The reason I bought TF-R1 SINGLE COIL was because I like the huge RBA deck that is so easy to build my coils. Top coils for the TFV4! Make from 80 watts up, this is fun! The durability is also great. Many spare parts!!!
    non for me!

    Sep 19,2015

  • Yannick
    Normal Coils, special Price!
    -bought it in sale (best.price.ever!) -The coils are original, so it got smok quality (whats very very good) Nothing else to say, its just smok tfv4 coils but for a very good price.

    Nov 20,2015

  • Johann
    SMOK TF-Q4 0.15ohm Coil Heads
    great price. fast delivery. They are expensive, but they last a lot longer than normal coils. They go to well past 100w, but you cannot really take them down to 75w else the flavour start lacking. Way better than the tri-coil.

    May 24,2016

  • Eddy
    TF-Q4 0.15ohm Coil Heads for TFV4 E-Cig Atomizer
    These original SMOK TF-Q4 0.15ohm Coil Heads for TFV4 E-Cig Atomizer are making a lot of fine tasty vapor. Very lon lasting performance for about 4 weeks until you have to change them. vaped with 80 Watts on a xCube II with a 50/50 liquid.

    Dec 28,2015

  • Lee harvey
    Smok tfv4 coils
    Full of flavour. They are massive, holds loads of liquid so never get dry hits. They produce alot of clouds. Got them the cheapest i could find them anywhere!
    I havent found a con.

    Nov 28,2015

  • willey
    TF-T3: New patent sub-ohm atomizer, triple coil, 0.2ohm (40W - 130W) the clouds and flavor are great, though be warned that it will drink your juice. you'll see bubbles from where the cotton is in contact with your juice as it guzzles it all I can't use it with Nic., it is than to strong for me ... great, finally I'm on 0 Nic.
    non for me!

    Sep 19,2015

  • Sebastian Jansen
    Lieferung, Preis Qualität top
    Der Preis war der Anstoß mir dieses Paket zu besorgen und ich wurde von der Qualität nicht enttäuscht. Lieferung dauerte 8 Tage und ist in der Qualität gekommen wie erhofft. Warum also in einem offlinshop 20 Euro zahlen wenn es hier für fast weniger als die Hälfte geht. Danke Gearbest und bitte weiter so

    Jul 15,2016