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Alfawise A10 Vidéoprojecteur Portable 3000 Lumens DLP 1080P 4K HD
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Alfawise A10 Vidéoprojecteur Portable 3000 Lumens DLP 1080P 4K HD

- Gris Prise Américaine (2 broches)

5 18 Avis des Clients | Référer à la description anglaise
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Caractéristiques Principales

● Le plus beau projecteur LCD présente un design unique et une belle apparence

● 3000 lumens, plus lumineux que les autres configurations courantes + 60%, Alfawise A10 peut fournir des images couleur plus lumineuses que d'autres projecteurs courants

● Résolution 854 x 480, supporte la haute résolution 1080P

● Transformez n'importe quel espace en théâtre

● Utilisez la mémoire flash Android 6.1, 1G + 8G pour lire votre application de streaming vidéo préférée ou l'écran de votre téléphone miroir pour créer un cinéma privé.

● Divertissement sur grand écran

● Taille de projection de 10 à 100 pouces

● Distance de projection de 1,5m à 3m

● Correction trapézoïdale manuelle, ne vous inquiétez pas de l'inclinaison de l'écran, la correction trapézoïdale est très facile à résoudre

● 20000 heures de vie de l'ampoule

● Téléphone mobile sans fil avec l'écran, la vidéo à l'intérieur de l'application mobile peut être sans fil avec l'écran, mains libres, protège les yeux

● Bluetooth 4.0, haut-parleur intégré 3W, pas de haut-parleurs externes, bonne qualité sonore


● Lumen: 3000 lumens

● Résolution: 854 x 480, prise en charge maximale 1920 x 1080

● Rapport de contraste: 1000: 1

● Trapèze: ± 15 degrés

● Durée de vie de la lampe: 20000 heures

● Rapport de format: 4: 3/16: 9 / automatique

● Taille de projection: 10 - 100 pouces

● Système: Android 6.1

● Jeu de puces: GPU MTK6580: Star V65

● FLASH: mémoire flash 8GBNAND

● SDRAM: 1 Go DDR3

● Bluetooth: 4.0

● WiFi sans fil: 2,4 G



Marque: Alfawise
Type: A10
Matières: ABS
Type d'affichage: LCD
Résolution Native: 854 x 480
Résolution de Soutien: 1080P
Luminosité: 3000 lumens
Rapport de Contraste: 1000:1
Ration de Jeter: 1,4:1
Distance de Projection: 1,5 - 3m
Taille de l'image: 10 - 100 pouces
Echelle de l'Image: 16:9,0,16875

Détail du produit

Lampe: LED
Puissance de Lampe: 10W
Vie de Lampe: 10000 heures
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n
Formats multimédias supporte: Bluetooth 4,0
Formats d'image: JPG / GIF / BMP / PNG
Formats de Vidéo: VOB / MKV / MPG / MP4 / MOV / AVI
Formats d'Audio: MP3 / WAV / WMA
Alimentation Electrique: 200-240V / 50 - 60Hz
Haut-Parleur Intégré: Oui
Bruit (dB): moins de 40dB
DVB-T Soutenu: Non
Sous-titre Externe Supporté: Non
3D: Non


Poids du produit: 1,5000 kg
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 23,50 x 20,10 x 19,80 cm / 9,25 x 7,91 x 7,8 pouces

Liste d'emballage

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Projecteur, 1 x Télécommande, 1 x Adaptateur Chargeur, 1 x Ligne USB, 1 x Manuel en Anglais

Alfawise A10 Vidéoprojecteur Portable 3000 Lumens DLP 1080P 4K HD - Gris Prise Américaine (2 broches)

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Avis des Clients

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  • Marguerite Southey
    Oui (0) Couleur: Gray Taille: EU Plug
    Great projector
    This is my first projector and I am super happy with it! I couldn't expect more. It works very well it has a nice Keystone option which allows you to place your projector not exactly in the center, but also it can be lower than the actual picture. Simply move the Keystone and the picture will look perfect rectangle. Then just focus it and voila - perfect picture. Definitely, a very bright projector as I got a good picture even with some light in the room. It has a nice cover for the optic, so it protects from dust when unused. This is something I see for the first time on a projector. Also plenty of ports which you can use to connect multiple devices. Another great feature is the USB slots to connect your media directly.
    I just opened the box and watched movies online with Android system. Boom great picture on the wall. To be honest I didn't expect to have an internal speaker as well which is another big plus as the sound is really good for such devices.
    Everything is perfect and would recommend the product to anyone who looks for such entertainment/office product.

    Apr 08,2019

  • Alvin Bethune
    Oui (0) Couleur: Gray Taille: US Plug (2-pin)
    Amazing picture quality!
    Purchased the projector to show a video montage for my son's Bar Mitzvah. Opened the package on the day I received it, open Netflix, and started a movie. It was absolutely that simple. I used the white wall in my basement a projected a picture that was at least 8 feet wide and HD clear. The picture was so clear that my whole family ended up watching the entire movie. Next big use was projecting the Solo movie outside on a canvas sheet. Again, awesome picture. I didn't even mention how clear the sound is from the projector. Big hit with the kids, once again. Finally, for the actual montage, room with about 100 people, picture once again was awesome. Plugged the sound into the DJ's sound system for a great presentation. I have already recommended this projector to family and friends, if you are looking, your search can be over!

    Apr 17,2019

  • Daisy Hawthorne
    Oui (0) Couleur: Gray Taille: EU Plug
    It works great!
    I bought this projector mainly to watch movies and watch photos. It arrived quickly. It comes with remote control, AV cable, power cable。
    The sharpness and brightness of the image are superb in my opinion, really great for family entertainment.
    It works best in a darker room, although it is still watchable in daylight too.
    The instruction manual is in English and it’s clear enough to understand even for not so tech savvy person likes me.
    I wouldn't mind it being a bit big, but also realise for these parameters and class for this price the size is perfectly acceptable. It's very light at the same time, which makes it easy to carry.
    Overall I'm happy with it and my family likes it too.

    Apr 15,2019

  • Solomon Walter
    Oui (0) Couleur: Gray Taille: US Plug (2-pin)
    Movie night is a GO!!
    To say that I'm happy with my purchase would be a massive understatement!
    I've been researching portable projectors for a long time. Community movie night has been discussed a lot but never happened. After reading a bit about the differences between projectors and seeing what they recommended, I settled on the Alfawise A10.
    This projector is super easy to setup, taking a few minutes. It is amazingly light and you can easily move it around and see how it performs on various surfaces and sizes. I've watched several shows and its work was stable and awesome. The built-in speakers are pretty good and totally usable for small groups.

    Apr 03,2019

  • Basil MacMillan
    Oui (0) Couleur: Gray Taille: US Plug (2-pin)
    Perfect for PowerPoint
    My office does quite a few seminars (with PowerPoint) throughout the year, so we decided to purchase our own projector. In searching for projectors, many of the other reviews stated that the projector does not do well for PowerPoint. I was starting to think in order to find one that fit my needs, I was going to have to shell out $500 or more. Until I stumbled upon this projector. Not only does this projector work perfectly for our needs, but it was also extremely cost-effective. For the price, you truly can’t beat it. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a projector for similar needs as mine.

    Apr 02,2019

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