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  • Ing O
    S-1200 130LM Portable Camping LED Light Solar Energy Bulb Lamp - WHITE
    - Util bombilla recargable mediante panel solar incluido en el precio.
    - Tamaño justo para poder ser transportada sin ocupar un espacio escesivo y con un peso minimo.
    - Se puede usar en el momento que la placa solar recibe la luz del sol sin esperar a que cargue.
    - Tambien carga con luz artificial.
    - Practico boton para encender y apagar la bombilla.
    - Entrada micro usb para poder cargar la bombilla con cualquier cargador o desde un puerto usb sin necesidad de que sea potente, pues su demanda de energia es muy baja.
    - Con el panel solar se pueden cargar articulos con una demanda de potencia de energia baja.
    - Cable de panel solar con longitud mas que suficiente para ser puesto donde de el sol.

    Precio justo y una compra de 5 Estrellas *****.


    - Usable rechargeable light bulb with solar panel included in the price.
    - Fair size to be transported without occupying an excessive space and with a minimum weight.
    - Can be used the moment the solar plate receives sunlight without waiting for it to charge.
    - It also charges with artificial light.
    - I use the button to turn the bulb on and off.
    - Micro usb input to be able to charge the bulb with any charger or from a USB port without needing to be powerful, because its energy demand is very low.
    - With the solar panel you can load articles with a low power demand.
    - Solar panel cable with more than enough length to be put where from the sun.

    Fair price and a 5 star purchase *****.
    La duracion de la bateria con el tiempo va disminullendo.


    The duration of the battery over time is decreasing.

    Nov 10,2016

  • billar
    S-1200 Portable Solar Energy Led Bulb
    Made simply and without any frills Emergency light. The battery is really signed 870 mh. In strong light, the solar panel gives 6 volts. connected to the battery simply via a diode, without any fancy charge controllers. Stabilization of the current on the LEDs is realized on one ballast resistor. The end of the charge occurs during the operation of the built-in battery protection. There is no light indication. There is also no charge controller). Everything is simple and reliable.)

    Сделанная просто и без изысков лампа аварийного освещения. Аккумулятор действительно подписан 870 маЧ. При сильном освещении солнечная панель дает 6 вольт. подключена к аккумулятору просто через диод, без всяких навороченных контроллеров заряда. Стабилизация тока на светодиодах реализована на одном балластном резисторе. Окончание заряда происходит во время срабатывания встроенной защиты аккумулятора. Световой индикации нет. Контроллера заряда тоже нет). Все просто и надежно.)

    Jan 16,2018

  • Trammel
    Awesome solar light!
    I started with 2 so I could try them out and have been using them since I received them. The solar panel stays in a window most of the time and one gets much less sun than the other but this only make a little difference in the run time of the light. With the mini USB on the light its easy to use a phone charger as a steady power source so it can be used like a regular light or even to speed the charge time. The solar panel has been all I have needed to keep up with my use of the light and I use them often. My kids use them at night playing outside, and camping. I have used them all over my property and working on my car, I can have light anywhere with no plug in and no extension cords. We also use them inside at night to cut down on power use. The mini USB on the solar panel makes it possible to charge other electronic devices, although it wasn't able to charge my smart phone. This is all around a good set up and for it's intended purpose cannot be beat. This light will pay for it's self in batteries and electricity saved, which is why I am already buying more and have plans for even more in the future.
    Only one issue I can think of is that I see no way to get to the battery. So there's no way put in a better one or replace a worn one. Once I have a few more on hand I plan to take one apart by whatever means to see if there is an easy way to access it.

    May 11,2016

  • alessandro
    ragazzi vi dico la verità : sono sorpreso , le ho comprate per gioco e sono davvero contento , accese alle 19 di sera e fino alle ore 02 circa la luca è rimasta forte , poi ha cominciato ad affievolirsi e si sono spente solo alle ore 12 del giorno seguente ,per una durata di oltre 12 ore fatto un altro test , durata di luce massima circa 5 ore poi messe in carica col carica batterie del telefono per 2 secondi : SI DUE SECONDI e la luce è tornata al massimo della luminosità per circa un altra ora consumo è davvero ridottissimo ne compro altre 3 perchè sono piaciute a tutte le persone che le ho mostrate , se avete un capanno con la legna stipata e ne avete necessita di prenderla alla notte bhe credetemi questa è la soluzione migliore in assoluto !!! COMPRATELE !!! valgono ogni euro che spendete

    Nov 08,2016

  • Ray
    Love this
    Love this, I bought 5 of them when there was a flash sale. I gave 4 of them away as gifts to friends. I kept one and use it often and have dropped it from around 5 ft in the air without it breaking (luckily). I personally have not used the solar panel to charge it yet because I haven't decided where I want to place it. I would recommend this just because of the price and the convenience of use. I see these are about 14 dollars more at my favorite US shopping website. I recommend if you aren't in a big hurry to get something then you will save a lot using Gearbest!
    The only con I have is having to wait usually a couple months to get products I order, but I personally think the cost savings is worth the wait, especially if it's not something you need urgently.

    Dec 04,2016

  • Faraz
    Amazing and Cheap Price Solar Lights
    Very nice solar lights and quality is good. The Light LUMS is also good and battery is as well gives you easily 6 hours (depend on charging). It is easy to install and no need of much expertise. Just place the small panel at outdoor area where you have maximum day light. You can use the blub any where at home once it is charges. Blub quality and led are also very good. I highly recommend this product for your backup light.
    Nothing to say

    Jun 15,2016

  • RMM
    Buen precio y útil.
    Envío muy rápido (2 días a España desde almacén de Gearbest en EU).
    Proporciona bastante cantidad de luz, más de lo esperado.
    Cable muy largo, que facilita mucho su ubicación.
    Carga constantemente, da igual si está nublado y la placa solar está en el interior, sigue cargando.
    Se puede cargar conectándola a un puerto USB con el cable adecuado.
    La batería incorporada en la bombilla proporciona luz durante varias horas. Esto, junto con la portabilidad de la propia bombilla, hace que resulte muy útil en numerosas ocasiones.
    La cubierta posterior del panel solar no está muy bien pegada. Hay que ponerle algo o se acabá despegando al poco tiempo.
    La luz roja que indica que hay electricidad, nunca se apaga, ni cambia de color, así que no se sabe cuando la batería de la bombilla está llena (podría cambiar a color verde, por ejemplo, o apagarse).
    Lo cierto es que llevo sólo unos días probándola, de modo que no puedo hablar de la durabilidad que ofrece.

    Feb 28,2018

  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Foco con panel solar
    Excelente producto elaborado con muy buenos materiales, excelente calidad y precio.
    - excelente para cualquier emergencia con falta de luz
    - se recarga en 3 o 4 horas
    - se recarga con el panel solar, con la PC o con el adaptador usb del encendedor del auto.
    Les recomiendo lo pidan en envio registrado y asegurarlo, es el segundo que compro y me lo reenviaron ya que el primero nunca llego, excelente servicio de gearbest al reenviarmelo sin costo.

    Apr 27,2018

    It works perfectly. Of good quality
    Nice lighting without electricity! Great working product.
    Its use the Solar power and keep the environment clean.
    Excellent quality of manufacturing bulbs. Convenient suspension. The socket works .. slowly, but it works. Long Cord Micro-USB
    Nice lighting without electricity! Great working product.
    Great value for money. Very practical article

    Jun 27,2017

  • Dmitrijus
    Brilliant solution for countryside
    - Good quality bulb
    - Brighter than I could expect
    - Really works >5hours when charged
    - At I tested, it was charged even faster than 3 hours and with no direct sun light
    - Usable hook and button on top
    - Long and flexible wire
    - Mini USB to charge bulb from any other power source
    - Mini USB to use solar cell for any other device
    - I can recommend it as very good solution for places with no electricity (Already purchased 4 items!)
    - Solar cell could have better coating to resist bad weather
    - Would be great to have warmer light temperature of the bulb

    Apr 22,2016