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  • Maksim
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    Очень понравился
    Выбрал как самый не дорогой. решил взять на пробу, доставка стандартная около месяца, курьер принес на работу, немного помятая коробка, но все целое. Дома поставил на зарядку и опробовал после зубной щётки. Эффект есть - щётка не вычищает все. Давление хорошее. быстро заканчивается бак с водой.
    Покупкой доволен, друзьям порекомендую.

    Oct 29,2018

  • Nick
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    I like it!
    Good oral irrigator and portable. Does not take much space. Rechargeable.
    I would prefer a bigger tank. You will need to refill it 3-4 times to finish rinsing your teeth.
    I would say that this is not a substitute for flossing.

    Sep 20,2018

  • Amr Elbahnasawy
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    good price
    high speed of water
    clean very well
    you can add mouthwash
    low volume of water
    water go out from mouth to face and clothes
    short cable charger

    Apr 17,2018

  • Spyridon
    Oui (5) Couleur: Blue
    Great product
    The water flosser is great, I recommend it hands down. Not only it gets out little bits that brushing leaves behind, it also gives a great sense of freshness.
    Small tank. It is adequate for one use, but if you want to insist in an area, you need to refill it

    Mar 25,2017

  • Teixeira
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    Oral Irrigator
    Very effective in cleaning teeth
    Good complement to traditional brushing
    Good water pressure and water capacity
    Low noise and convenient

    Nov 08,2018

  • Cheed
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    W porządku
    Wszystko w porządku. Polecam, ładny wygląd, zobaczymy jak długo podziała :) W połączeniu z nicią dentystyczną daje radę :) Na przesyłkę czekałem ok. 2 tygodnie.

    Jun 04,2018

  • Krasimir
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    Oral irrigator
    not that powerful to clean the space between the teeth like you should clean them with floss. The tank is insufficient
    No cons at all. Very difficult to write more than 30 characters for this section as i have really nothing to complain about.

    Jul 03,2018

  • kirayos
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    12 Electric Oral Irrigator
    good product for this price
    simple design and easy to use
    good battery life
    compact and easy to carry
    i recommand this one
    can't modify speed of the water jet

    Jun 17,2018

  • Diego Lima
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    Fácil de usar, ótimo custo-benefício. Substitui o fio dental muito bem e pode ser usado como necessaire para escova de dentes de viagem e pasta de dente.
    Poderia ter uma pressão um pouquinho mais forte mas ainda sim é incrível.

    Jun 18,2018

  • Kurt Adonis
    Oui (0) Couleur: Blue
    Gingivitis be afraid... be very afraid!!
    Great value for money, portable and effective... very effective. Fresh breath, healthy gums and a clean feel that's real.

    Jun 11,2019