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Oclean X Brosse à Dents Electrique Sonique Intelligent ÉVersion Internationale / Blanchissement / Soin de Dents de Xiaomi You Pin
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Oclean X Brosse à Dents Electrique Sonique Intelligent ÉVersion Internationale / Blanchissement / Soin de Dents de Xiaomi You Pin

- Blanc avec 1 tête de brosse

Écran Tactile de Couleur / Contrôle d'Application / 20 + Schemions de Brossage / Fréquence 32 Niveaux / Protection des Dents AI
4.84 38 Avis des Clients | Référer à la description anglaise
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Oclean X Brosse à dents électrique ultrasonique intelligente est la première brosse à dents intelligente avec un écran tactile de couleur. Vous pouvez choisir le plus approprié de 20 + schémas de brossage surOclean App Après avoir connecté la brosse à dents avec Bluetooth. La brosse à dents automatique Oclean X est sécuritaire pour les dents sensibles, les dents lâches, les couronnes artificielles et les dentures en raison du mode de protection des dents basse fréquence AI. Il est livré avec une base 2-en-1, vous pouvez le coller sur le mur, lutiliser comme un support ou simplement lutiliser comme base de chargement.

Caractéristiques Principales:
Écran tactile de couleur innovante Pour des paramètres faciles et intuitifs
● CaractéristiquesRappel de la zone MissLe gyroscope 6 axes intégré peut identifier et surveiller 8 zones dans la cavité buccale vous rappelez-vous des zones manquantes à lécran et de lapplication.
● Contrôle de lapplication intelligent,20 + schémas de brossage Pour choisir selon les exigences de nettoyage et létat dentaire
● Mode de protection des dents à fréquence inférieure AI, peut être utilisé en toute sécuritéDents sensibles, dents lâches et dentaires

● Forte capacité de nettoyage,Fréquence à 32 Niveaux Régulation de la vitesse de conversion, sadapte à la plupart des conditions orales
● Equipé dun moteur sans balai à suspension magnétique, à faible bruit, 10 fois la durée de vie des moteurs ordinaires
● Tête de brosse sans cuivre, équipement allemand et technologie pour offrir une expérience de brossage plus confortable et une propreté
● Livré avec une base 2-en-1, peut être utilisé comme chargeur ou support
● IntégréBatterie 800mAh, peut utiliser un mois après une charge complète

Application: Oclean
Écran: écran tactile couleur de 0,96 pouces
Veille: 21 -28 jours
Type de charge: charge magnétique



Marque: Oclean
Type: X
Matières: ABS


Poids du produit: 0,3700 kg
Taille de produit(L x W x H): 24,35 x 24,35 x 2,44 cm / 9,59 x 9,59 x 0,96 pouces
Taille d'emballage (L x W x H): 30,40 x 7,20 x 5,30 cm / 11,97 x 2,83 x 2,09 pouces

Contenu du colis

Liste d'emballage: 1 x Brosse à Dents Intelligente avec Tête de Brosse, 1 x Support de Charge, 1 x Câble USB, 1 x Manuel en Anglais

Oclean X Brosse à Dents Electrique Sonique Intelligent ÉVersion Internationale / Blanchissement / Soin de Dents de Xiaomi You Pin- Blanc avec 1 tête de brosse

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  • Oclean X
    First time owner of Sonic toothbrush
    As per title, my first ever sonic toothbrush. Always a Oral B electric brush user, which to be fair were a little over powered for by gums, as from time to time they would bleed due to the pressure. But not with Oclean X, will never get back to Oral B again.

    When first used, the feeling is weird, ticklish, so ticklish that i had to stop few times :), nothing wrong with that, just weird :)
    Sound is definitely noticeable, higher pitched noise sort of way?! Sound like you are at the dentist, but after a while you get used to it. After cleaning, my teeth felt cleaner, maybe a placebo? During the day teeth felt still cleaner like i just cleaned them. I must also say, after the first clean, i kind of “felt” my teeth, not in pain, but i could feel that vibrating pulsing sonic feeling over my teeth, even though i brushed them 10min ago. That feeling didnt last long, just for a short period. After second clean next day, i didnt get that no more, but it was still ticklish to brush, a bit lesser this time, i guess need to get used to it.

    On the unit itself, feels and looks premium, feels like it came from Apple. Wish Oclean made black model as well. Do not use Oclean Pro app, as it will not connect to your brush, saying something wrong with serial, just download stnd Oclean app, connection in seconds, upgrade the firmware and off you go. You have multiple brushing modes, or you can even create your own mode. Display on the unit shows clock, day/month and brushing time and mode selected, usefull thing but you can operate without it. Every 30sec when brushing, you get a short pause, usually meaning that you have to change to the other part of the teeth side and after 2min it switches off, unless you created different mode with longer brushing time.

    Comes in a nice box, again, feel like Apple :). Inside you get user manual, charging dock and a micro USB cable, and off course you Oclean X with only 1 brush head. Charging dock can hold the unit in two ways, at the base (bottom) with magnets, or in the middle also with magnets, bit it will only charge when unit sit at the base. Which is ok i dont mind. Notice, that unit will come discharged, u need to charge it, but it only took me 2/2,5hrs from 0 to 100

    Really happy with my purchase and will recommend it to anyone, a specially Oral B users :)

    Jul 27,2019

  • Cyril Bronte
    the perfect toothbrush, that isn't a hassle to clean
    I decided to wait to write a review until I went to my dentist for my 4 times a year cleaning. My hygienist had recommended I purchase and use an electric toothbrush since I have some gingivitis and bone loss.
    After several weeks of using this electric toothbrush, today I went for my teeth cleaning and was very surprised that my gingivitis numbers improved and my gums were nice and pink again. The teeth cleaning which is usually painful because of plaque buildup went so fast and the young lady cleaning my teeth said there was hardly any plaque buildup at all. I had no pain during the cleaning for the first time in my life.
    Thank you for a great product that helps me keep my teeth clean and much more healthy than I ever thought they could be.

    Jun 26,2019

  • August Wilcox
    Excellent toothbrush
    I never owned a sonic toothbrush before but did my research and read the reviews on the different brands. I like this one a lot. I tend to have a heavy hand and brush too hard when using a manual brush which makes my gums recede more.
    The brush has a good design and fits well in my mouth reaching the back sides of my teeth nice and fitting easily between my cheeks and my teeth. Small yet powerful, can effectively remove stain and plaque. The 2-in-1 charger plus holder design can save more space and keep the brush clean easily. What’s I love most is I can choose the 32 levels of intensity freely, so it’s easy to find a suitable strength.
    I hope it will stay cleaner and like new that way. I have only the brush for less than a month but I am very satisfied.

    Jun 12,2019

  • Bohdan
    Interesting device
    Brush coming well packaged. Inside there is dock station, cable, wall holder and brush itself. Little bit disappointed that manufacture had been used micro-usb, not type-c connection.

    After connection to phone got update and switched to english. In application you can't link your xiaomi account, have to register new one, at least on the moment of review.

    Touch works surprisingly very accurate, on both sides of screen. Will fit well to right and left hand users.

    After cleaning it is showing general information about quality on each quarter and general score. 32 levels of vibration will be good for any kind of tooth.

    In general nice product for it's money.

    Jul 18,2019

  • Heloise Timothy
    Very satisfied
    After using another brand electric toothbrush for many years, I was tired of having to clean out the huge openings between the brush head and the body, where water would collect and bacteria would grow, if you didn't dismantle and clean the toothbrush every night.
    I searched specifically for a streamline toothbrush, that didn't allow water to seep between the head and the body. I found what I was looking for; the perfect toothbrush, that isn't a hassle to clean. The body of Oclean X is water resistant and stays clean and free of bacteria. It cleans every corner of my mouth never miss a spot, and the color touch screen makes it very convenient to use.
    I love my new toothbrush!

    Jun 01,2019

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Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

Soyez le premier à poser une question. Voulez-vous des points GB? Il suffit d'écrire une critique!

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