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  • Reggie
    AmpliTube iRig
    The ApliTube iRig is compact, lightweight and iPhone compliant. The price from GearBest was the best that this online consumer found anywhere. Couple the great price with free shipping and I simply had to check it out. I'm a guitarist and have been wanting to explore how to take advantage of the many music apps available, via the App Store, which offer digital effects and amp modeling. The first necessary tool to obtain is an interface for my guitar, one that will seamlessly bring my Analog instrument into the Digital realm. The iRig was designed for this purpose and AmpliTube's software was designed specifically for this A/D D/A conversion. The ApliTube software has a lot of options to explore. So it helps to have an idea about exactly what you'd like to focus on beforehand. The basic software is free to download but most of the effects offered will cost users a small fee. The single page of instructions for use are printed in six languages and easily understood.
    While the iRig was very reasonably priced and came with free shipping, the advertising for this device didn't explain that users were limited to an app which primarily offers its functionality for an extra per effect fee. So, the use of this device and the free AmpliTube software download will cost users extra to fully explore.

    Jun 24,2016

  • Ghita
    nice price range
    This is very useful if you don't want to bother bringing your amp everywhere and looking hella stupid an amp is not an 80s radio therefore it's not cool and can we talk about its weight unbelievable! so this IRIG thing really comes in handy associated with an app with so many options and materials you won't have to buy expensive boxes given you wont become a professional cuz i have to say the quality while good doesn't defy the noise of a real amp!

    Sep 06,2019

  • Alessandro
    portable multi fx for guitar with your iPhone
    With this device you can plug your guitar in your iPhone and use the official IK Multimedia App to control all the effects and you can also record your music and use the rythm base tracks. The base app has minimum funcionatlities but you can buy other effects, ampli simulators and other tools.
    This is the first version of the iRig that was released a few years ago at a price of 50$. Now you can have it for a ridiculous price.
    Very raccomended.
    If you want to play with more effects and sounds you have to buy them.
    It works only with an iPhone.

    Aug 02,2016

  • Daniel
    Funciona melhor que o esperado.
    produto excelente, de fácil utilização, feito para iphone, mas funciona bem em alguns androids, mediante alguns programas.
    a utilização em android não permite o uso da aplicação oficial, pois para isso a marca tem um adaptador especifico para android, mas há alguns programas que funciona muito bem, nomeadamente o Tonebridge. no huawei p10 lite tem um delay bastante percetivel, mas ja no Aquaris e5 4G funciona impecável, pelo preço vale a pena arriscar a compra.

    Oct 13,2018

  • Dmitry
    простейший I-Rig
    На удивление работает, Кроме AmpliTube совместим с JamUp, toneStack GO, AmpKit, GarageBand.
    В моем случае была замена по гарантии, прислали брак (сильный фон и неустранимая обратная связь) заменили без проблем (спасибо gearbest, support отработал на 5), с вторым i-Rig все OK!

    Oct 17,2018

  • Hugo Páez
    Accesorio util
    Ahorra tener que usar el amplificador o usandolo con el amplificador y la app de amplitube puede ser creativo

    Viene en una caja con logos pero por la serigrafia y caja no podría asegurar que sea 100% original aunque funciona sin problema alguno.
    Lo malo de amplitube es que mejores configuraciones y efectos tienen costos considerablemente altos, asi que es básico su uso con la app.

    En costo beneficio se recible lo que se paga.

    Sep 11,2018

  • Ngealic
    Great!! Cater my needs plus saved 90% from what it used to cost
    I have a Strobosoft App and wasn't totally pleased with the interaction between the guitar/bass and the APP. This works PERFECTLY! And the free Amplitube APP is cool to practice through too. Very limited unless you make in-app purchases but the sound you get without costing a dime is very practical for my purposes.

    Dec 14,2018

  • Billy
    I purchased a IK Multimedia iRig.
    I am amazed at the price and that I received an actual IK Multimedia iRig. I have ordered others from different companies and they were all counterfeit and total Junk... I will be buying a lot more stuff on your site. Keep up the good work it was a pleasure doing business with you.
    N/A everything was perfect

    Aug 13,2018

  • pedro
    Accesorio util
    Afiador que usa o amplificador o usando com o amplificador e o app de amplitube o ser do pode creativo Viene em uma caixa com logotipos para a serigrafia e seja no poderia assegurar que o mar 100% original a que funciona sem problema algum.O que há de melhor em termos de configurações e efeitos para os custos consideráveis mais altos, que são os mesmos que o uso de aplicativos.Em custo beneficio se recebe ló que se paga.

    Apr 04,2019

  • Dormantone
    This irig kicks ass. Too sick!!
    It works with FourTrack app on iOS, I’ve only tried this app but it’s made to work with amplitube app but the irig will work with a lot of other apps to I’ve heard just haven’t tried them all. Totally unbeatable price and yea it works.

    Dec 22,2018