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  • Brian Flasch
    Very nice set of lights for the price, I am very pleased with how easy it was mount them neatly and also with the quality of light : it's exactly the amount of warmth that we were looking for, I also ordered a set of spare bulbs which came in handy as a few were broken upon arrival, and a few bulbs get broken by people knocking into them

    Aug 12,2016

  • Ariadne Morningstar
    The lights are attractive and really easy to work with, maybe a couple of hours at most, maybe I do not have the charger situated in the best spot but it does get several hours of direct sunlight every day so I would have expected the lights to stay on for more than a couple of hours

    Nov 28,2016

  • Busy Shopper
    It's nice that the lights start right at the beginning of the string so there isn't a bunch of dead space between the plug and when the lights start, but I was able to just not put in the bulbs for the distance I didn't want lit and it works just fine

    Jul 30,2016

  • samantharr
    I might just get the longer strand at this point, but these lights are gorgeous, then I unscrewed all the bulbs to make it easy to hang, when I finished I screwed the light bulbs all in :I would highly recommend these lights

    Oct 12,2018

  • M. Gaitan
    Just got this and instructions say it's not to get Batteries in water so I wasn't sure at first but lights appear to be water proof

    Aug 11,2017

  • Michael T Rooney
    They don't seem to get too hot to the touch and we didn't have any of the burned out bulb issues some other reviewers had

    Feb 11,2016

  • Nancy Pietz
    Not enough light to see anything but ambiance with the different settings was a cool feature

    Nov 03,2017

  • Vicki Breneman
    All of the bulbs worked and there were a couple of packages that contained an extra bulb

    May 23,2017

  • Gabriella
    It was me who didn't know how to turn the lights on correctly ... sorry the lights are great

    May 08,2017

  • MI
    I like the color because I don't like the bright LED lights, these are warmer in color

    Sep 24,2018