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  • Szilard
    X22 with 3 axis gimbal
    I chose the X22 over the Jyu Hornet. The Hornet's specs suggest that it's a much better quad, but I chose the X22 because the Hornet has special batteries.
    The X22 shipped with 3200 mah battery which has a ribbon sticking out, which you can pull to remove the battery.
    The one and probably only advantage of the X22 over the Jyu is, that you can use similar sized batteries, but removing the battery can prove to be difficult. That's where the stock battery's ribbon is handy.
    The stock battery is 34 mm wide, 115 mm long, and 24 mm thick.

    I ordered the 3axis gimbal version and I received one with a standard gimbal. I'm trying to work this out with customer service.

    I flew the drone today in a relatively strong wind, and it handled the wind nicely.
    On basic settings it flies rather sedately. I found the rudder and the ailerons to be sluggish, the elevator seemed ok. The wind was throwing the quad around and I didn't try the other modes, but flying it was easy.

    The package also includes a USB card reader, and a 4gb memory card.
    I don't know how good the camera is, but it does't record or take pictures using the buttons on the transmitter. I've seen in youtube reviews that it does work with the app 'though. I couldn't try that because my phone doesn't support 5,8g wifi. You need that to connect to the drone to use the app.

    The English instructions are written in a foreign language, that's why I had to read them 5 times before I understood them ;)

    Judging by that maiden flight, I give 5 stars to the drone. I wish we could turn off geofencing. Then it would be more on par with the Jyu.

    Dec 09,2018

  • Vikki Noland
    My wife got this for me for Christmas last year and I was super excited because it was my first drone, it took a little while to get used to the flying but once I got the hang of it it was super fun, the camera is not great, it's cool to see the videos but I wouldnt get this to make videos, get a drone with a better camera

    Dec 17,2018

  • Gianfranco
    drone Bayangtoys x22
    bellissimo drone per riprese aeree...solido robusto ed efficiente...prendete batterie di scorta...a me e' arrivato fortunatamente con una lipo da 3200 mha e puoi volare per 16 minuti...unica pecca l app per android ..."" nn funziona"" ho dovuto prendere un iPhone 5 usato....cmq consigliatissimo ...arrivato con eliche di ricambio...carica batteria lipo ,radiocomando ,gimbal a 3 assi( consigliatissimo)....ottimo prodotto e giarbest sempre al top....

    Jan 26,2019

  • TriggerHappy
    Perfect learning drone difficult to fly but easy to learn, if you are looking for a great camera on the drone to take video or picture most likely you will be disappointed, if you want to have fun and learn so you can buy a more expensive drone later then you will be happy with your purchase

    Dec 16,2018

  • Spencer Bartsch
    I bought this drone from My Wife and Kids to play with and they absolutely love it my wife talks about how easy it is to control and how good the camera is on it she loves taking pictures of the kids while she's flying it above them it's so easy to find my six year old can do it and enjoys it

    Nov 20,2018

  • Kelly Dean
    This is my first quadcopter and it's incredibly easy to learn how to fly, so buy extra batteries with your drone so you don't have to suffer like I am, I just want to fly this thing all damn day ; it's the most fun I've ever had with any RC toy

    Oct 27,2018

  • Chelle Chelle
    This is the perfect quadcopter to learn with as it is easy to fly and extremely durable, the picture and video quality is pretty decent given the overall price and quality of this drone

    Dec 12,2018

  • Brittany Wisneski
    The customer service is absolutely amazing, the camera is `` okay'' but the drone flies smooth, with different levels of speed it makes it easy to get adjusted and progres to faster speeds

    Nov 12,2018

  • OVUgirl08
    This is my second drone purchase, I wanted a drone that allowed me to take good quality photos and video with a camera that adjusts remotely in flight

    Nov 08,2018

  • CaseyattheBat
    It has many features on it that makes it very easy to use, the camera works great, I highly recommend this FPV Drone as it's easy to install and fly

    Dec 10,2018